Winter Activities to Cure the Winter Blues

The weight of the world can often land on our shoulders in the wintertime. Sometimes confinement indoors doesn't feel cozy, but can instead feel stale or limited. But with cool, crisp weather comes the opportunity to prioritize our mental health, our families, and our physical bodies.

And while for some, tackling a 1,000 piece puzzle can provide a peaceful escape, rifling through all those pieces while I’m stuck inside sounds like true torture. So, here are some alternatives to turning just another cold and grey winter day into a warm and delightful sanctuary.

Live the night by candlelight.

Atmosphere is everything, yet we all can become bored with our living space. Try adjusting the ambiance by lighting candles instead of turning on the house lights.

If you're stocked up on candles from all the holiday sales, fill your room with your favorite scents. Or visit your local thrift store to find some unscented pillar candles and fill the room with endless candles for a warm and cozy feel.

Not interested in candles? Bring those Christmas lights back out and decorate the inside of your home with them - like stringing them to the ceiling of a dark hallway.

Have a dance party.

Shaking off the funk can honestly work wonders. While it can feel awkward and silly, that is part of the fun of it! Turn on your favorite song, dim the lights, move the coffee table out of the way, and wiggle around with your pups, your kiddos, your partner, or just solo.

Jive to a smooth, slow jam like Paris in the rain or jam to something full of energy like Sofi Tukker.

Reinvent movie night.

You may not be ready to visit the movie house just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a night chockfull of all the excitement movie nights bring.

Most theaters are making movies available to rent in your home, so go all-out by renting a new release and load up buttery popcorn or your favorite movie-house snacks. Movie theaters are even delivering snacks via Uber Eats right now! Bring on the Milk Duds and nachos.

Throw a Waffle party.

You don't have to wait until the sun sets to make the most of a cool winter day. Make an extravagant brunch with all things waffles. Or have breakfast for dinner and host a waffle party in the PM with an evening Hot Toddy.

Order one person to be in charge of the batter and waffle making, while another gets the toppings together and organized. Think fresh fruits (like blueberries, bananas, strawberries), coconut flakes, chocolate chips, sprinkles, maple syrup, jams, and whipped cream.

Order in.

Order take out or delivery from your favorite restaurant and go all in.

Order appetizers, meals to share, and a dessert or two.

More than a few boxes of Chinese takeout, a full dinner spread at home (that you didn't have to slave over) makes for a luxurious night in. Light a candle, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy.

Need more ideas? Here are a few other of my favorite ways to recreate a cozy haven in your home:

  • Enjoy something warm. Try making a homemade cup of hot cocoa and be extravagant with the toppings.

  • Make a fun dinner. Have the family join in or treat yourself to a solo extravaganza. My favorite place to find decadent recipes is Half Baked Harvest.

  • Turn your living room into a speakeasy. Make a specialty cocktail and an indulgent charcuterie board. It will *almost* feel like a night out on the town.

  • Use your hands to make something cozy. Bake something new, create a warm nightcap, have a fire, or try knitting. Get creative and explore new things.

I hope these ideas inspire you to bring a new element of warmth and coziness into your home. Tell me, which idea will you be trying first?

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