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What Pregnancy Looked Like for Me [Third Trimester]

My third trimester of pregnancy was accompanied by childbirth education classes, a social-distanced baby shower, an array of stretch marks on my growing bump, and the arrival of our baby girl.

Here's what the third trimester looked like for me.

Week 27 | Baby is the size of lettuce

This week we found out that Jorden can no longer attend prenatal appointments with me. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but to say I am heartbroken is an understatement.

In other news, laying on my side isn’t as easy as it once was. I need a pillow beneath my bump to prop it up or else it's too uncomfortable. Since lying on my back isn't an option (doctor recommended), the pregnancy pillow has become my best friend.

Week 28 | Baby is the size of an eggplant

No one told me the last three months are really when your belly starts growing... I am feeling large!

Watching tv is no longer as simple as laying on the couch. While the exhaustion from the first trimester has returned, if I try to relax and lay, or even sit down, for too long my legs and hips go numb. Very irritating.

Week 29 | Baby is the size of an acorn squash

This week I've had a hell of a time sleeping.

I have had restless legs since early in my second trimester, making relaxing on the couch or finding a comfy way to sleep nearly impossible. One night, after finally falling asleep, I was woken up by the absence of sound as our power went out from a rainstorm and we found our basement flooded.

It’s fine. Everything’s fine.

We also started baby classes this week. We are going to be learning The Bradley Method from a local doula - a practice focused on teaching the birth partner to be a support system. We are learning how Jorden can support me both mentally, with words of encouragement, and physically, with exercises for each stage of labor.

Week 30 | Baby is the size of a zucchini

Okay, who was holding out on telling me that my butthole would be swabbed for the strep b test?....

This week I also discovered that at this point in pregnancy once I start crying, it’s nearly impossible to stop. My hormones are all kinds of crazy right now.

Week 31 | Baby is the size of asparagus

This week we had our last ultrasound. While we get to listen to the baby's heartbeat at each doctor's appointment, this is one more ultrasound than in a "tradition" pregnancy. The extra look was recommended since at our last one they found a cyst in my right ovary. While they said cysts are normal in pregnancy, they encouraged another appointment to ensure it is not growing in size.

We got to measure baby and she is measuring three pounds exactly - which they said is "right on track."

Thankfully, the cyst in my ovary from our last appointment has shrunk from a little over 3 1/2 cm down to a little over 1 cm. They anticipate it will be completely gone once the baby arrives.

Week 32 | Baby is the size of a squash

My recent Google searches include: "Why does my vagina ache while pregnant?"

At this point, I understand our baby girl's sleep schedule. Right now she sleeps all day and starts her day around 7:30PM - just in time to kick mommy all night long.

Our scariest week so far, I hadn't felt baby in almost 24 hours. I called the doctor and she suggested we go to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. I was forced to go into the emergency room without Jorden, due to COVID restrictions, and was immediately hooked up to monitors to check the baby's heart rate. Thankfully our little one was safe. The doctors say that as baby grows it can be harder to feel her moving around, but it is always better to come in and check should I be unsure at any point. I am thankful to know she is okay.

Week 33 | Baby is the size of celery

With pregnancy, I have been accompanied by a global pandemic and violent riots so close to my home that a curfew was set in our area. No, no one in my family was harmed in either instance and for that, I am so thankful. Yet, through all of this, I have spent endless hours worrying about the safety of my family and growing baby. It's a scary place out there.

Baby girl loves to hang out on the right side of my rib cage right now. Ouch.

I haven’t seen my lady biscuit in quite some time now and it’s a bit unnerving. What’s going on down there? I have no clue.

Week 34 | Baby is the size of a butternut squash

This week we went on our babymoon.

Nothing extravagant, largely due to all the COVID-19 restrictions for travel, just a quiet weekend away in a small town Airbnb in Ohio.

Hip pain is no joke these days. Using the squatty potty is becoming difficult. Nausea is a new normal.

Week 35 | Baby is the size of a pineapple

We took maternity photos this week. Truth be told, I have felt so beautiful while pregnant and was looking forward to capturing this moment in time. Then reality set in the day of our photoshoot as I waddled to the location, barely fit my shoes and was sweating the whole time.

Week 36 | Baby is the size of a papaya

At 36 weeks and 6 days, I think my belly dropped. It is just sitting a bit differently at this point!

Now my hands are going numb, often. Especially when I sleep, I will wake up and my hands will be completely numb. Once I start moving them my fingers feel like my hand fell asleep all night and then the joints in my fingers will ache all day. This makes computer work very difficult!

This week we had our baby shower! With COVID top of mind, we opted for a quick, outdoor shower (that was welcomed by real-time rain showers) to enjoy time with our friends and family at a safe distance. With the last name "Fry" we couldn't resist having a Small Fry-themed baby shower complete with cookie fries and a retro vibe.

The doctor suggests four-week isolation before our due date, so our baby shower ended up being our last "hoorah." With COVID-19 restrictions, should I test positive for COVID once I go into labor the hospital will treat me as though I have COVID (which means hazmat suits, isolation, and pushing baby out with a mask on). While that is worrisome, my real concern is that the hospital can take my newborn baby into isolation for two weeks following delivery should I test positive. I cannot even bear the thought of not being with our new baby, so into isolation we go.

Week 37 | Baby is the size of romaine lettuce

At this point, I have gained 26 pounds. As a plus-size gal to begin with I wasn't sure what weight gain would look like for me while pregnant. Surprisingly, and thankfully, I have not been obsessing over the number on the scale.

Throughout my pregnancy, I have obsessively been oiling up my belly. While I have been told stretchmarks are genetic and unavoidable should they run in your family, I still found comfort in keeping my skin oiled up. And just like that, I found my first two stretch marks this week.

At this week's appointment, I denied doing a cervical sweep to see how dilated I was. Our doula says a cervical sweep can cause my water to break, the doctor says there is no harm in a cervical sweep, but I chose to wait.

Week 38 | Baby is the size of a winter melon

What is a winter melon, you ask? I have no clue but it feels big.

Ever heard of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel? Yeah, me either, but I gots it.

Due to the swelling in, well, my whole body, turns out that can put a strain on the veins leading to my hands - which is why my fingers have been going numb for the last three weeks. Ice packs have become my new best friend.

Not being able to see family for four weeks before our due date is tough. I have cried about it multiple times.

At this week's doctor's appointment, the doctor wants to talk about plans for induction. She says it is completely fine if I want to be induced at 39 weeks, but suggests going no later than 41 weeks because of potential complications for the baby. Ideally, I am looking to go into labor naturally and would be fine going to 42 weeks if that is what it took, but the doctor is eagerly trying to convince me otherwise.

Week 39 | Baby is the size of a pumpkin

I am becoming very impatient and want this baby girl to make her appearance!!

A this week's appointment the doctor is guessing we have a nine-pound baby... Yikes!

Week 40 | Baby is the size of a watermelon

Our due date has come and gone. I am hoping that baby comes this week! Induction is not in my birth plan...

Week 41 | Baby is the size of a watermelon (still)

Our induction is scheduled for Thursday, August 13th at 2PM. Prior to heading to the hospital, they recommend we call one hour before our scheduled induction time to ensure there are beds available for me.

We call at 2PM and are advised to wait until 4PM.

We call again at 4PM and are advised to wait until 6PM to go into the hospital.

Once we arrive at 6PM we wait in the waiting room for about an hour.

Our Small Fry, Miss Rosemary Fae, made her arrival on Friday, August 14th at 5:29AM.

I will be sharing our entire birth story in a blog post soon. Stay tuned!

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