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What Pregnancy Looked Like for Me [Second Trimester]

In the second trimester, I was welcomed by debilitating migraines, a noticeable baby bump, and our first noticeable baby kicks in utero.

I was also welcomed by a national pandemic and Stay-At-Home order in our state that forced our pregnancy journey to look a bit different than originally expected.

We had highs and lows through the uncertainty of the state of the world, but also a growing baby to worry about!

Here's what the second trimester looked like for me.

Week 14 | Baby is the size of a peach

This week we had another ultrasound. Within the laundry list of questions I had for the doctor, I asked about migraine solutions. The only pain management solution while pregnant is a recommended two Tylenol (not desirable or effective in my opinion) so I brought up if essential oils were okay to use. While most oils are fine I did learn that I should not be using tea tree or lavender essential oils while pregnant because the amount of estrogen they contain can be harmful to baby. So, I said goodbye (for now) to a few of my face washes and bath bombs that included tea tree/lavender.

In that same appointment the doctor made a comment about how I am at the point in pregnancy where I am "too big for regular clothes but not big enough for maternity clothes," and I definitely feel like that right now.

Baby may be the size of a donut at this point, but they feel huge in there!

Week 15 | Baby is the size of an orange

At this point, I feel huge. My clothes are feeling tighter by the day, and not looking like the other women on Instagram/Pinterest with a tiny baby bump is really getting to me. I continue to tell myself that I am so honored to be carrying a baby, so happy our baby is healthy, and nothing else should matter.

In other news, this week I had to stop eating a salad half-way through dinner because it tasted like soap. Jorden SWEARS nothing in the salad tasted like soap (as he was eating the same salad). I guess these are the joys of pregnancy hormones?..

We've narrowed down baby names to three.

Week 16 | Baby is the size of an avocado

We told everyone the sex of the baby this week; its a girl!

In the latest of cute pregnancy symptoms... I am full of farts ALL THE TIME. And not cute, little farts either. Loud, smelly farts. Jorden is literally kicking me out of the bedroom at this point.

Week 17 | Baby is the size of a pomegranate

I saw a picture on social media of a fellow expecting mama at the same stage of pregnancy with barely any visible baby bump and had a breakdown. I have to repeat to myself, "every body is different."

I'm finding comfort in watching birth and delivery vlogs on YouTube at this point. Like the raw, emotional, up-close-and-personal footage of home and hospital births. People are always surprised when I tell them I watch these but I honestly just want to know what to expect! My pain tolerance (or lack thereof) is already stressing me out a bit anticipating baby's arrival, but seeing other moms bring life into this world honestly encourages me that I can do this.

Week 18 | Baby is the size of an artichoke

This is the first week I really felt like my belly looks like I am expecting. Up until this point, I could have honestly just been eating too many tacos for the past few weeks and gained a few lbs. My belly does still feel soft at times and hard as a rock at others.

This week I also experienced more of what everyone refers to as "pregnancy brain." I tried pumping gas and entered my zip code incorrectly FIVE TIMES before remembering it accurately. By the fifth error, I left the gas station and drove to a new location because I was so embarrassed. Yikes.

Week 19 | Baby is the size of a mango

This week I asked my employer if I could work from home due to the overwhelming news of coronavirus swarming Ohio. Thankfully they were completely understanding and compassionate.

I sadly don't have any weird or exciting cravings to report, but I would do unspeakable things for a chocolate croissant right now.

Week 20 | Baby is the size of a banana

One of the least glamorous side effects of pregnancy-related issues I have dealt with so far has been acne. I have always dealt with acne-prone skin but have not had body acne since my high school years. I am sure it is a mixture of the hormones and mass amounts of oil I have been lathering my body with, but whatever the case, this week I added an acne body wash, daily toner, and even chest masks to my skincare routine to help.

This week also marked the start of Ohio's Stay-At-Home order. To say I was stressed out / overwhelmed / terrified is an understatement.

Week 21 | Baby is the size of an endive

Cramps are a regular thing these days, due to this growing baby and my organs becoming crammed in there! A simple sneeze will cause an "ouch" to almost immediately follow.

Prior to pregnancy I rarely would get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night yet at this point, I'm up to about four times per night rolling this big belly to the restroom in the dark.

Week 22 | Baby is the size of a coconut

At 22 weeks pregnant, I peed my pants.

Completely unanticipated (obviously) I didn't even feel the urge to pee, but a quick sneeze and I soaked my undies. What a time to be alive.

Our most exciting milestone yet, Jorden & I felt our baby kick at the same time, on the same day! 4/7/20 as we were laying in bed watching Bob's Burgers before we went to sleep I placed Jorden's hand on my belly just because, and we felt two little kicks together.

Week 23 | Baby is the size of a grapefruit

I still have an innie belly button (sadly) which makes me feel like I have a beer belly more than a pregnant belly, but I will survive.

Our new normal for doctor appointments include glamorous face masks. We had to go the DIY-route for masks this time around.

Week 24 | Baby is the size of a cantaloupe

I feel this little girl moving around fairly consistently at this point. At first, it felt like I just had a lot of farts in my belly, like bubble guts, but now it clearly feels like something moving around in there!

Week 25 | Baby is the size of a cauliflower

Sleeping at this point is tough. I have to get up an average of four times a night to pee, and getting out of bed (as I am sandwiched between a pregnancy pillow on one side and body pillow on the other) with this huge belly, is no small feat.

Aside from the restroom stops, my limbs become numb and tingly fairly frequently. They are so irritating that they make it hard to get comfortable, hard to lay down for too long, and hard to sleep, so I end up getting up out of bed to walk around for a bit each night - and usually find a snack in the fridge.

Week 26 | Baby is the size of a bunch of kale

The last week of our second trimester, WHAT!?

I find so much joy in reading fun facts about baby and about my body each day with pregnancy apps. I also love meditation and affirmation apps targeted to expecting mamas.

Here are the baby apps I'm currently loving:

The home stretch is right around the corner... Here we come!

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