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Summer Baby Things You Need ASAP

Adding a little one to the family means adding a plethora of items to accommodate baby's needs.

Whether you're simply enjoying backyard hangs all summer or venturing out for a far-away family adventure, these summer baby items are necessities for any day out in the sun.

A portable baby fan is a simple necessity that can make all the difference. This one can attach to the stroller, baby carrier, or can stand-alone and fan baby on warm days.

Order it on Amazon.

If you are venturing into the water with your little this summer, this baby float is a must.

Baby is able to float on their belly independently (with you very close by, of course). Our 11 month old loves it - I think because she feels a bit more independent in the water in it!

My only note is that it is a two-person job to get baby into the float.

We love it!

Order it on Amazon.

Capture those summer memories with the Fujifilm Instax Mini.

I adore physical photos and this handheld camera pops out Polaroid-like photos instantly. Great for capturing summer fun and it's so easy to take with you because it's so small.

Order it here.

I will continue to share our go-to baby items for each season as they pop up.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for real-time updates!

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