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Simple Valentine's Day Toddler Craft: Heart-Shaped Shortbread Cookies

When I try to plan toddler crafts, the details must meet a few criteria before I commit...

  1. Is it simple enough for my toddler to really participate?

  2. Is it a fairly easy cleanup?

  3. Is it affordable?

If all these questions are an astounding YES, then you can sign us up.

That’s why when I was searching for Valentine’s Day craft to do with my seventeen-month-old, I knew it had to check off those three requirements. - and bonus if food is involved.

I stumbled upon these adorable heart-shaped shortbread cookies during my latest Target stroll and knew they would make the perfect simple and cute craft for our family.


  • 2 boxes of shortbread cookies (these are the ones we used: shortbread & chocolate raspberry)

  • 1 box milk chocolate melts

  • 1 box white chocolate melts

  • Sprinkles

  • M&MS or other cookie decorating embellishments of your choosing

  • Parchment paper

  • 2 microwave-safe glasses or bowls

Your microwave-safe glasses or bowls will be used for chocolate melting & cookie dunking, so make sure they are deep enough for dunking!


I started by organizing our craft space with our cookies, sprinkles, and other toppings all in individual bowls organized and accessible on the table. - A tablecloth would have been nice to have but not a requirement!

I also placed a parchment paper-lined tray on the table for our decorated cookies to cool on top of.

From there, it was time to melt our chocolate!

I placed four squares of each chocolate slab into a glass mug and put them into the microwave one at a time. To melt, I microwaved the chocolate for 1 minute then stir, then microwaved and stirred in 10-second increments until completely melted.

I then microwaved the second type of chocolate and once melted put both glasses of melted chocolate on the table.

I placed the melted chocolate mugs in front of myself (out of the toddler's reach) so I could be responsible for dipping. The chocolate isn’t scalding hot but is hot enough I didn’t want her to put her hand in it.

Next, we started dipping!

I would dip a shortbread cookie into the preferred melted chocolate mug and then place it on the lined parchment paper in front of my daughter.

I preferred dipping half of the cookie in the melted chocolate but you could do a full dunk if you prefer.

Once I placed the dipped cookie on the parchment paper and in front of my toddler, dad helped her select the handful of sprinkles she wanted and topped each cookie.

And that's it! Dunk, decorate, repeat.

Once the chocolate had cooled the cookies were ready to enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE - The red sprinkles we got dyed our skin! Not sure if this reigns true for all red sprinkles, but when we do this craft again we definitely won’t be using red sprinkles next time!

Is this a Valentine's Day craft you can see yourself enjoying with your family? If yes, comment below what color of sprinkles you plan to use!

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