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Quarantine Must Haves from Amazon

There's nothing like a good ole' fashioned quarantine to feed your online shopping addiction.

And let me preface this by saying while I completely understand this is a difficult time for many, in terms of career uncertainty and financial strain, I hope that, if anything, this list will offer a distraction from that worry if only for a minute or two.

Quarantine can feel isolating, lonely, and let's face it, boring. And I don't know about you but completing a puzzle sounds like the last thing I want to spend my quarantine time doing. So, in lieu of losing our minds over the next few weeks here are a few Amazon items to fill your cart with that will help keep your hands and mind busy.

Use Your Hands

  • DIY boho decor. Inspired by Emily Faith's home DIY is this boho decor addition, a beautiful wood wall hanging. I made two strands and plan to hang one in our nursery, and draped a smaller strand around the few items on a coffee table in our living room. All you need is twine and wood beads; It's an extremely simple craft but you could spice it up by painting or staining the beads.

  • Create a vision board. It's not too late to put together your 2020 vision board. If you're anything like me, you have a handful of magazines laying around the house, which means all you need to get started is a board and some pins. Or upgrade your board with an elegant wall grid and clips.

  • Letters for your letterboard. If Pinterest inspiration or the aisles of Target haven't wrapped you in yet, I applaud you. Most of us by now have a letterboard in our space to fill with a cute, punny, or homey phrase. I added these black letters to my crafting pile, they're big and there are plenty in the bundle to spell out any phrase your heart desires.

Get Comfortable

  • Back massager. Working from home has made me realize how serious my hunchback is. I need to get these knots out and this massager is a lifesaver. Literally worth every penny.

  • Environmentally-friendly makeup remover. Are you one of those that has to "get ready for the day" even when you have nowhere to go? If yes, save on those disposable makeup remover wipes and instead use these reusable wipes that actually work. Yes, even for taking off your mascara!

  • Wireless keyboard. Perhaps more for aesthetic more than comfort - although it will help you stop straining your neck from working on a laptop - this keyboard is something that dreams are made of. The price is reasonable, it's Bluetooth, and the noise the keys make provide a nostalgic touch.

Take a Netflix Break

  • Read the Book First. I am quickly binging and getting bored with, Netflix. Perhaps I just want to feel more accomplished since I am already staring at a screen all day, but in my current reading pile is Little Fires Everywhere, I plan to finish the book before diving into the show.

  • Depuff those eyes. An inexpensive treat that feels luxurious and actually works. These eye masks are easy to apply and convenient to wear in between conference calls.

  • Take a nap, you deserve it. Don't feel guilty about taking a quick power nap to break up your workday, or really soak up that face mask while laying on this luxurious silk pillowcase.

Upgrade Your Space

  • A simple kitchen upgrade. A lot of us are finding comfort in upgrading or reorganizing our homes. Free up some counter space in the kitchen with a utility upgrade that surprisingly isn't an eyesore. This wood, magnetic knife holder hangs on the wall, is heavy-duty, and simple to install.

  • Let there be light. People are fist-fighting over toilet paper, it's a crazy world out there. Add this security light to your front or back yard to prep for when they start coming door to door asking for tp.

  • Everyday jewelry box. We all have a pile of jewelry stashed somewhere - a drawer or miscellaneous bowl, perhaps? - but if you're anything like me you tend to gravitate to a few signature pieces each day and save the rest for "something special." I decided to hang my everyday necklaces and use this small jewelry box for my go-to earrings and rings.

Make a Gourmet Meal at Home

  • Gourmet, but keep it simple. Half Baked Harvest has an Instagram feed that will instantly make your mouth water, which is why you need her cookbook. All the recipes are fairly simple and oh so delicious.

  • Homemade cookies taste so much better. Something about working at home makes me want to consume all the bread, cookies, and pastries I can get my hands on. However, since we're limiting our visits to the grocery I am having some fun baking goodies at home. Dive into endless cookie recipes with this book.

  • Make a date night of it. You could even get real fancy with some homemade cooking and get an apron for you and your spouse to cook together. I love this retro 'hers' apron or this his/hers option.

I hope these items help spark some joy in your life amidst this crazy time.

Talk soon!


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