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Mother's Day - Make it Special This Year

What to gift your favorite mama this year ❤️

A Service She Loves

She may be a pedicure gal or swoon over a facial; treat her to a solo morning enjoying a service she loves. Bonus if you include a Starbucks gift card so she can grab a coffee on the way.

If you're local to Columbus, OH, Boss Gal Beauty Bar has amazing facial services.

If she has never received a spa service before perhaps start simple with a blowout. Here in Columbus, we have The Blowout Bar which is so fun!

A Gift to Represent Motherhood

Share the reason she became a mama with something special. Little Sycamore has an array of mother-specific jewelry options that fit every style - from simple to jewel lovers.

I have the Mini Momma Customizable Ring and I wear it every single day. It’s simple and dainty and the bubbles are customized to how many little ones you have; I chose to have two bigger rocks representing Jorden and I, then a little one for our daughter.

I also love the stackable birthstone rings, to wear a little color that represents each child's birthstone; you can add a new ring for every little one you have.

Create a Special Memory

Plan a picnic with all her favorite things.

Charcuterie queen? Grab all her favorite cheeses, meats, fruits, and chocolates.

Dessert lover? Bring all her favorite cakes and candies for a yummy afternoon treat.

Take all of the goods you selected and round up the family to visit a local park for a picnic or keep it simple by having the picnic in the backyard or even in your home if the weather isn’t cooperating!

Hoping for a simpler option? Here are some Amazon favorites for her special day.

Mother's Day isn't reserved for only celebrating the person who raised you. Take advantage of the day by sending your mommy friends extra hugs/flowers/a card/Starbucks gift cards to let them know they are rockstars.

Happy Mother's Day, friends!

I've partnered with some fellow amazing mamas who all did a round-up for Mother's Day! Check out other amazing mama's content:

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