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Mom Outfit Ideas for Family Photos

Family photos become more and more important as your family grows. Time moves so quickly there's no longer a need to wait until you find the perfect outfits, lose a few pounds, or get more comfortable in front of the camera, the top priority is capturing as many memories as you can at the current stage of life, in whatever shape that holds for you and your family today!

Birthday celebrations, holidays, a new home, or just because… the reason for photos can be as simple as you want. Capturing those photos will help us hold and cherish the memories of today so we can relish every step of our journey. family's

Once your photos are booked you’re onto the next deterrent; what am I going to wear?

I remember words a photographer shared about clothing and her tip was simple; you should begin planning family outfits for family photos by selecting mom's outfit first, then find the rest of the families outfits around that.

So let’s find you an outfit for family photos.

A few things I like to consider when planning outfits for family photos is:

  1. Can I move in it comfortably? My goal is to find something comfortable enough to sit down in, chase a little one around in, yet flattering enough to hide any thick maternity bra straps or boob sweat from a summer shoot.

  2. Do I feel good in it? I strive to pick something that will compliment my figure and make me feel confident! For my body shape that means finding something to accentuate my waist and offer a looser fit on my lower half.

  3. Can I wear this again/not break the bank on this outfit? Feeling beautiful doesn't have to be expensive! I love some of the pieces I've found from Target just as much as ones I have found from boutiques with a higher price tag. My goal is versatility and a good bargain.

Here are a few of my favorite mom outfits for photos:

Looking for more inspiration? Explore my LTK page for more ideas!

Here are some shops I love for baby/toddler outfits: Alex + Nova, PatPat, Sora Street Boutique

What's your biggest obstacle in regards to booking family photos? Hair, makeup, the outfit, finding the time?? Comment below!

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