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How to Flock a Faux Christmas Tree

Who else has been personally victimized by the outrageous price tags on faux Christmas trees? 🙋‍♀️

I admire those gorgeous, faux trees but the $299-$599 pricetags...not so much.

Instead, my husband and I decided to take advantage of a warm November day to upgrade our pre-lit, 5 foot, *lightly* flocked tree. I found our tree at Big Lots on an after-Christmas sale (originally $199), but the tree was still a bit Charlie Brown tree-ish (small and not too full) and needed some TLC. So we added some additional flock to make her look so much more full!


What You Need:

  1. Faux Christmas Tree of your choosing

  2. Self-adhesive flock (we used Peak Seasons Sno-bond)

  3. Sifter

  4. Spray bottle filled with water

Here’s How to Flock Your Faux Christmas Tree:

  1. Start by proofing your work area. Forewarning: there will be a lot of fallout during this process! We chose to move our tree outside to contain the mess but you could always keep it inside and lay down some trash bags or a tarp to catch any fallout.

  2. Spray, sift, spray. To get the flock to adhere to the tree, spray each branch with the water bottle, sift on as much flock as you desire, then spray the branch again to make it stick.

  3. Start from the top. Starting at the top of the tree, spray a section of branches and sift on the flock from the front of the tree to the back (applying in a circle around the tree). As you begin to add flock to the branches, excess flock will fall onto the branches below. Continue working in circles around the tree (spraying, flocking, spraying) and work your way down the tree until the entire tree is flocked to your liking.

  4. Let it dry. The flock instructions do not outline a specific "dry" time and because it is "instant adhesion" I'm not sure you need to allow extra time on this step. However, the flock did continue to fall off a bit once we started to decorate our tree so a little extra drying time wouldn't hurt!

And that's it! A brand new tree that looks like it was just pulled out of a snow covered forest.

Watch us flock our Christmas tree in this video.

Will you be upgrading your Christmas tree this year? Tell me how in a comment below!

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