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How to Craft a Delicious Dessert Board

It's hard not to be a fan of the cheese smorgasbord known as a charcuterie board, but what about a sweeter option?

How about building a beautiful board with sweet treats like cookies, merengue, dried fruits, and chocolates?

If that sounds like your type of party snack, this is the article for you.

Here's how to put it together.


Build your board around a main focus or star of the show. An easy place to start is with your favorite cookie.

Add a wide variety of cookies by incorporating chocolate, sugar, and every cookie option in between. I opted for chocolate-filled Milano cookies and sugar cookie sandwiches filled with strawberry jam. Both came in unique shapes for a fun visual effect.

I also added a few mini cupcakes to the board for another sweet option adding a variety of height to the display.


Try incorporating a crunchy addition like candied nuts for a sweet and savory snack option. I found some candied walnut for this board, but candied pecans would also be a delicious option.

Then, think of adding seasonal flavors as well. I found some peppermint meringue bites for a colorful addition with a unique texture.


Outside of the baked goods on your tray, sprinkle in some chocolate pieces.

Go simple by finding a beautiful chocolate bar you can break into pieces and spread on the tray or jazz it up with a box of decorative chocolates for some edible art.


Both dried and fresh fruit can be amazing additions to your dessert board. Think of your favorite easy-to-grab fresh fruits that can be added - like cherries and fresh berries.

Then consider adding some dried fruits for some chewy and crunchy additions. I opted for dried apricots (for their vibrant color) and dried figs I could cut in half for a fun visual addition.

And that's it! A delicious dessert board customized with your favorite sweet treats.

Build a dessert board with me in this video.

Looking for a more decadent snack board option? Here's How to Build an Epic Charcuterie Board.

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