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What Pregnancy Looked Like for Me [First Trimester]

We made it! We've made it through the first 13 weeks of pregnancy and all I can say is, how are all these working pregnant women doing this!?

If I could summarize my first trimester in a word it would be TIRED.

At this point I wake up for work, get ready for the day, eat breakfast, and am ready for a nap by 10AM. I want to stand up and applaud every mom ever, you are a super human.

In my naive lens as a first-time mom I took to the internet for all the answers. And not just the "it's all worth it once the baby gets here" stories, I want to hear about the raw, nitty-gritty of pregnancy to really grasp what I am in for. In that same vein, I want to share here those intimate, and sometimes embarrassing, details so other moms can find comfort in a similar story.

So here it is! Here is what my pregnancy looked like in my first trimester.

Week 3 | Baby is the size of a chia seed

At this point I became suspicious of being pregnant, but quickly got distracted from the thought when I started getting a strange rash under my breasts. Yes, I have large breasts and it could have been a skin irritation similar to “chub rub” but I am now convinced it was baby letting me know they were here. - how's that for honest and embarrassing?..

Otherwise, I feel "normal" at this point.

Week 4 | Baby is the size of a poppy seed

The rash is still here and now I have a rash along my belly, below my belly button that spans from side to side. It itches like crazy and I think it’s dry skin but decide to go to the doctor for the rash anyways. I get a steroid cream and it's gone in about a week or so.

No signs or suspicions of baby yet, but he or she is in there!

Week 5 | Baby is the size of an apple seed

December 1st I had my first ever physic reading. The realm of physics has always interested me but I have never had the innate desire to seek one out for guidance. This opportunity came about as my mother hosted the physic in her home for a party with friends and family.

I had no idea what I should ask her, I simply knew what I didn't want to ask! I have a curiosity for my future career path and family, but beyond that I almost don't want to know TOO much about what the future holds for me. As soon as I walked into the private room (just myself and the physic) she said "oh, that's interesting" and proceeded to tell me that I had a baby cherub following me around, signifying fertility.

Little did I know at the time, she was spot on.

Week 6 | Baby is the size of a sweet pea

It's time to take an at-home test. I am hesitant, but Jorden insisted we take one considering the holiday engagements we have planned for that weekend that would definitely involve a glass of wine or two.

We take two tests and I ask Jorden to read the results before I see them. Both come back positive.

My initial reaction was straight up fear and I cried. Blessed to have such a miracle in our marriage so soon, but also flooded with vulnerability regarding the responsibility of raising another human, the fear of not feeling secure in my career, and of course financial worries.

Jorden and I spent time talking about how excited we should be and how we can figure out any of the obstacles along the way, because we are now going to be a family of three!

Week 7 | Baby is the size of a blueberry

I'm a bit nauseous at this point, but mainly when I go too long without food. I feel hungry often, but not for full or traditional meals. - Meaning I could definitely go for a whole baguette, but the thought of grilled chicken with veggies sounds the least appealing.

Still feeling like normal me, but craving nothing but carbs.

Week 8 | Baby is the size of a raspberry

I was so surprised when I called the doctor to set up our first appointment and they said my first appointment will be closer to 10 weeks pregnant. That concerned me, because at this point we're just relying on a stick to tell us we're pregnant, but she insists that is normal protocol and we go about scheduling.

Week 9 | Baby is the size of a cherry

Jorden cooked dinner one night this week, stuffed peppers with a yummy homemade sauce we had been planning in an effort to eat more vegetable-based meals. Half-way though cooking I could smell the peppers in the other room and thought I would be sick from the smell. I have no idea why, but there was no way I was eating that tonight.

I felt guilty for asking Jorden if we could store the peppers for lunch the next day instead of dinner right then but he was more than understanding. I wanted Skyline Chili instead, and it was so satisfying.

Week 10 | Baby is the size of a strawberry

Still eating nothing but carbs, and nervous to work out. I'm starting to get some headaches and am a bit nausea throughout the day. Week 10 is also our first doctors appointment. We got to see the little bean wiggling his or her arms around. This was truly the first moment it felt REAL.

Week 11 | Baby is the size of a lime

I’m starting to notice my pants feel a bit tight in the afternoon and begin getting migraines this week. This is the week we started telling family about our little bean.

I attended my first yoga class this week since finding out I was pregnant. I made sure to drink plenty of fluids and take it easy whenever we did a move that made us go upside down. I took the class slow and it felt so good to be moving my body again!

Week 12 | Baby is the size of a plum

I am FINALLY feeling like myself again! I have my energy back but tend to get dizzy fairly easily. The hardest thing for me right now is making sure I am drinking enough water!

I asked Jorden before bed one night if I was starting to get the "line" down the center of my belly yet. He said "yes" to which I was surprised since I couldn't see it! However, my belly has gotten a lot hairier since I found out I was pregnant (I guess that's common?..) and let's just say I took it upon myself to shave my happy trail and ... there is no longer a visible belly line. It was just my hairy belly! I'm a monster.

Week 13 | Baby is the size of a lemon

At this point headaches are still a weekly occurrence, but otherwise my tastebuds and energy levels are back to normal. This week we decided to get prenatal testing to better understand baby's health, we had our second ultrasound (abdominal) to see all of baby's growing parts, and submitted bloodwork to see the gender. We get results is seven to ten days!

In this ultrasound we learned a lot about baby and my body. We learned we likely conceived in my right ovary - which, doesn't mean much is just a fun fact. We also learned that my placenta is thicker than the average gal and placed in a way that may make it more difficult for me to feel baby moving around.

Through these first 13 weeks one of my biggest realizations has been how much I wish I would have supported my expecting friends more in the past. I wish I would have known what they needed and what they were going through, because the support is so necessary! At this point I feel the need for more naps, more carbs, and more "me time" - which for me means yoga, bath time, movie nights, and manicures/pedicures/facials/massages.

Until next time.

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