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A Quick Check-in

Each month I find myself entrapped in a new Netflix series, sucked into a new book, and/or stuck on a new recipe to make on repeat in our home. Here are a few of my current favorite things in hopes they will inspire you to find something new to follow and enjoy.

What I'm Reading

The Good Trade. Their daily newsletter (called The Daily Good) is filled with resources for those seeking to live an inspired and intentional life. Inspiring stories, sustainable brands, and just all around good vibes. Real talk like "Why You Don’t Have To Feel Guilty About Being The "Busy" Friend," - this is the type of content I need in my life.

The Budget Mom. Budgeting is not (I repeat, is NOT) a skill that comes easy to me. I have had to have real conversations with myself around why I buy things and what drives me to feel like I need to go to Target, again, this paycheck. The Budget Mom creates articles and videos about how to save for your different goals in life (paying off credit card debt, battling student loan debt, or saving for a home) and provides simple worksheets to help you get there.

What I'm Watching

YouTube Channel Trout & Coffee. If you have an urge for wanderlust, Trout & Coffee will suck you in and make you want to explore today. His storytelling and videography is so beautiful.

YouTube Channel Fairyland Cottage. Living a more sustainable lifestyle is something I am very passionate about, but within reason. I still often times need help sorting things to go in the blue bin, but Fairyland Cottage provides inspiration for living more mindfully, minimalistically, and taking advantage of local resources to produce less waste.

What I'm Obsessing Over

IG account @sabrinamscott. She's a tarot card reader named Sabrina. Need I say more? Her monthly newsletter tells you what to expect within the next month according to your sign, and I find it scarily accurate month and month again.

IG account @southernlivingmag IGTV series "Hey y'all." Nothing makes me want a sweet southern accent more than the host of this IGTV series. Beautiful decor and delicious recipes are delivered in such a fun way.

That's all for now!

Short and sweet and filled with inspiration to hopefully position you in the right headspace for a new and productive year. Cheers!

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