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Quenching Wanderlust Part Deux : An Ireland Honeymoon

When we started planning our honeymoon, our goal was to hit two destinations. With that in mind, we knew we wanted one of those to be Ireland. The beautiful greenery, country-side landscapes, and the whiskey, was calling our names.

Here's what our end-of-September honeymoon in Ireland looked like.

First stop : Travel from Iceland to Ireland was quick and painless - minus the 5AM flight time. After arriving in Ireland, we immediately set out to travel from the Dublin airport to our first destination, Cong, which was a projected three hour drive. This was our most anticipated stop because in Cong we were staying in a castle! Mind you, this was our first time in Ireland but also our first time driving a car on the lefthand side of the road, so our eyes were wide open during our trek - both because of the beautiful scenery and the fear of running into something. Atlas, we arrive to the beautiful Ashford Castle.

[click on each photo for the full size with captions]

Second stop : The second stop on our Ireland trek was a journey from Cong to Killarney (along the south western coast of Ireland). We did decide to take a slight detour that day, making a pit stop at the Cliff of Moher for some sight seeing and a quick hike. It was a very beautiful site, and very busy!

Killarney's stay included exploring the National Park, hot tubing in the middle of the forest, and a horse-drawn carriage ride.

[click on each photo for the full size with captions]

Last stop : Our last stop took us back to where we started, Dublin. But this time we had a few days to explore and enjoy it. While in Dublin we made sure we dedicated time to the touristy bits - like the Jameson Distillery and Guinness Factory. We enjoyed guided tours, music-filled pubs, and a cocktail marking course.

[click on each photo for the full size with captions]

Our time in Ireland was a dream. Our favorite part, by far, was our stay in the magnificent Ashford Castle - we truly felt like royalty!

That's all for now. Tell us where you spent your honeymoon, and most importantly, if you would go there again!

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