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Rams' Corner: Podcasts for Him

'Rams' Corner' is a series dedicated to recipes, cooking tips, and all other things in his wheelhouse. Rams (aka Jorden) is my fiance, a seasoned chef turned graphic designer who's never lost his passion for food.

Summer often brings long hours poolside or on the road, but no matter where you are this summer we wanted to help you spend your time enjoying something other than endless cat videos on the internet. I am fully aware my podcasts may not be everyones cup of tea, so Jorden (aka Rams) compiled his go-to list of podcasts for you to explore.

Here are his favorites with a little flavor on why they're a must-hear:

THE LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT with Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks

My go to podcast; they discuss serial killers, cults, extraterrestrials, folk lore, and other true crime. They present the (mostly) serious matters in a way that gives the facts but also add some comedic breaks to the story to make the serious subjects a little more lighthearted since some of the subject matter can be gruesome and evil. They also have a stream on Adult Swim called The Last Stream on the Left.

THE ROUNDTABLE OF GENTLEMAN with Ed Larson, Kevin Barnett, Jackie Zebrowski, Holden McNeely, Ben Kissel, and Marcus Parks

Even though it has gentleman in the title there is a female on the panel and they often-times have special female guests. They sit around a table and discuss current news topics while interjecting their own comedic thoughts on the matter. - Unfortunately they no longer make any new episodes due to a member passing away, however the episodes never get old and are still worth listening to.

WIZARD AND THE BRUISER with Holden McNeely and Jake Young

They discuss the history and behind the scenes of video games, sci-fi movies, horror movies, anime, comic books, and cartoons. Basically a big nerd podcast about all things nerd-related.


In depth detail about famous historical events. Episodes aren't short though they can be two-hours long with some going for five hours or more. Some episodes are free such as the history of The Great War, but others you have to pay for (around $2/episode).

MYTHOLOGY from the Parcast Network

They discuss all things mythological, not just greek and roman stories but Egyptian and others as well. They are a newer podcast so not too many episodes so far.


This is the first podcast I ever listened to. It's hosted by Chris Gethard, who has mental health issues of his own, who found that talking to people can help ones mindset. He does not offer advice since he is not a doctor, but he gives people a platform to just let things on their mind be set free. The thing about this podcast is that Chris himself cannot hang up, no matter what the person says to him or talks about he has to stay on the phone for the full hour.

And that's it! We hope you find a new podcast that sparks your interest. Let us know what you listen to!

That's all for now.

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