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Wedding DIY : Moss Lettering Decor

Planning and crafting are two of my favorite things. So when I was Maid of Honor for a best friend's wedding, I had full intentions to combine both of those things and take full advantage at the "excuse" to do so.

The wedding theme was very casual, rustic, and natural.

A decor piece that immediately came to mind was making the word 'Bride' a focal point for events. That meant a multipurpose display initially intended for only the bridal shower that soon became a must-have for their wedding guest book.

These only took three - count it, THREE - steps to put together! Boy, do I love a simple DIY.


1. Wooden letters. I got white letters from Michaels in case a bit of the white showed through, it would still look clean.

2. A few bags of moss. I used two of the Fresh Forest Moss and two of the Light Green Reindeer Moss (and had plenty leftover).

3. Faux florals of your choosing!

4. A hot glue gun and plenty of hot glue sticks.

5. A canvas to serve as the backdrop for your letters. I liked a simple white 4" x 12" canvas the best.

6. Wire cutters to cut the stems of the faux florals.

My work station was nothing fancy. I posted up on the floor of my living room and used a poster board as my "table" to catch any loose moss that would fall off while I was working.

Step one was getting my moss organized and my hot glue gun ready.

I pulled pieces of moss apart from the bag and haphazardly started gluing them down over the front white area on each letter. There was really no method here as I wanted it to look natural, so I opted for a healthy mix of each type of moss mixed in on each letter.

Note: Next time I would have opted to put on some type of workers glove as I burnt my finger from the hot glue too many times to count. But that's all in the art of crafting, right?

Step two was figuring out the placement of florals.

When it came to florals, I took into consideration their wedding colors and elements that would compliment the feel of their big day. For this wedding that meant majority moss and greenery accents with a pop of fall-themed florals.

Because the moss is stuck to each letter at this point I cut the stem off of a handful of florals I was really liking and experimented with sticking them in the moss in a variety of positions before committing to glue them down.

Once I laid out florals on each letter I got to gluing.

Step three was simply gluing the finished letter to the canvas.

At this point each letter was covered in moss and a few florals and was ready to be put on display.

Photo cred: [four photos above] Meghan Swisher Photography.

And that's it! Three simple steps for a beautiful wedding decoration.

Tell me, are you doing any DIY projects for your wedding or a friend's wedding? Let me know what you're working on!

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