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Creating the Perfect Bubble Bath Ambiance

Winter is prime time for self-care. The sun sets at 5PM and you feel ready for bed by 7. But instead of indulging in another night of Netflix & Chill, how does a warm and private bubble bath sound? Dreamy, right?

Drawing a bath is simple enough, but the perfect bath includes more than a dash of Mr. Bubble. Here are a few of my favorite things to help create the perfect bath time.


Even in the bath tub, I want my self-care routine to be simple. And in terms of simple skin care, sheet face masks are a must. My current favorites include the TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask and the Soap & Glory Miracle Moisture Mask.

DROP A BOMB (had to)

While I love some bubbles, I think a fragrant bath bomb makes a big impact. Best bombs for my taste are Tender is the Night or Butterball. SO GOOD. Or get a bundle that match your mood.

If Lush was around when I was a child, that little girl would have been me.

LIGHT IT UP (all the puns)

Lighting a candle and turning off the fluorescents totally changes the mood of your bathtub detox. I love lighting up a fragrant floral candle or man-scent (think Mahogany Teakwood) depending on the day.


Indulge in a relaxing playlist. Trying turning on Jacob Banks or Billie Eilish on Pandora to help your relaxing session. I'm currently enjoying Leon Bridges' "Flower" on repeat.

Here are some other bubble bath ingredients on my list to try.


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