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What Turning 29 Means to Me

The big 2-9. It may not be viewed as monumental as your 30th birthday, but I beg to differ. Think about it; This is the last year I will be in my 20's.

What does that mean to me? Should it mean anything at all or am I overthinking yet again?

Twenty eight taught me a lot about myself; How to be a leader, how to take criticism. Twenty eight taught me new bounds of acceptance - in myself and in others. As I look at 29 I’ll avoid the cliche resolutions and plans to turn my life around, to make this year my year, and live life to it's fullest. Instead, I am making a promise to myself to treat my 29th year intentionally.

Photo by JHannah Photography

To make this shift towards intention, here are my daily reminders:

That slice of pizza. Go for it. And while you enjoy that cheesy goodness, do so with intention. Is that crisp pepperoni enjoyable? Does it fill you with joy? Does it fill your belly? Will it make you feel good in a half hour, tonight, tomorrow?

That 5:30AM workout class. Will peeling your eyes open at 5AM tomorrow make you feel like you haven't slept in 12 years? Probably. Will a session of power yoga make you feel a million times lighter and help you enjoy your morning cup of Joe that much more?

That extra cocktail on an impromptu night out. Yes, this next beer could make me feel bloated. Yes, this next martini could give me a pounding headache tomorrow. Does another glass increase my happiness in this moment, at this table, with this company?

That networking event. Flip a coin... Will putting yourself out there and meeting someone new be as painful as you imagine? Perhaps. Could that awkward conversation turn into a business connection or lifelong friend? Perhaps.

That's all for now.

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