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So You're Planning A Movie Night...

Valentine's Day just not your scene? Avoid the crowded restaurants and make it a night in with these flicks.


Sometimes you just need a night alone to cry it out. These should help.

Our Souls at Night Old people are my favorite kind of people. And nothing in this world makes me happier than seeing old people in love.

Irreplaceable You Sickness and love are always a painful combination, and in this number it is portrayed in the most real sense. Someone help. All the tears. I can't. It hurts.

The Impossible The movie follows a family that experiences a heart wrenching turn of events when the Indian Ocean tsunami hits their vacation destination.


You've read/seen Fifty Shades of Grey and are looking for something new. No judgement.


This movie takes being a cougar and sharing everything with your bestie to a whole new level. Strange, but fun, and very sexy.

The Secretary

The O.G. Fifty Shades (I mean, his name is Mr. Grey...) does not disappoint. A broken young lady who simply wants a little something different.


If neither of those genres are your style, try one of these on for size.

Funny games

Eerie, twisted, and hard to guess what is coming next. This movie will make you rethink where to go on your next family vacation and who you answer the door for.

Hard candy

A lot of "what the?.." and twisted scenarios but also, dare I say, "you go girl" kind of of flick.


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