Local Gift Guide | Columbus

The holiday season is passed, but Valentine's Day and birthdays are closely to follow. Fresh out of gift ideas? Try grabbing something local.


Think chocolates, but not your average box of mystery chocolates... This year spoil your chocolate-loving significant other with something decadent, beautiful, and vegan-friendly! Local shop MMELO has the most scrumptious chocolate goodies anyone could ask for. - You can even find a handful that are keto-friendly if that's your jam.


Gift that special someone extra time with you! A perk of being Columbus-local is access to a plethora of amazing local businesses that are ready to teach you their trade.

For the creative, try a NatterDoodle hand-lettering workshop; for the flower-feen try a Florish wreath workshop; for the host try a Flowers & Bread couples cooking workshop.


I don't care who you are, everyone loves a good candle. The Candle Lab not only lets you create a custom scent, but you can bring in your own dish and pour your candle into a customized container! Marvel fan? Try a superhero tin. Home decor aficionado? Browse through the thrift store and find a unique glass container.

Gifting can get routine and stressful when you're buy for the same people year after year. Shake up your gifts with local goods!

Did I miss your favorite, local shop? Let me know!

Happy shopping!

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