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Halloween Couples Costumes That Don’t Totally Suck

Let's be honest; we've all seen a couples costume that made us want to barf. Too cutesy, too cheesy, what have you. It's time to step up your Halloween costume game and here's are a few of my favorite couples costume ideas to get your wheels turning.

Bonus, these are all costumes you can pull together last minute (and for a low cost!). You can cut costs on many of these items by shopping at Walmart, thrift stores, and Amazon (instead of higher priced Halloween shops) for additional savings.


Couples Costume Price Tag: $50.50

Mermaid Man costume = $30.95

Skirt from Walmart $7.00

+ Kitchen gloves from Walmart $2.99

+ Foam paper from Walmart (for shell bra) $3.99

+ Slippers from Walmart $7.99

+ Tights from Walmart $7.99

+ String (for shell bra) from home $0.00

+ Belt from home, painted and glued on a wooden M from Walmart $0.99

Barnacle Boy costume = $19.55

Skirt from Walmart $7.00

+ Kitchen gloves from Walmart $2.99

+ Gym shorts from personal closet $0.00

+ Bandanna from Walmart $1.99

+ Hat from Walmart $4.82

+ Eye mask from Walmart $2.75


Couples Costume Price Tag: $62.80

Tina costume = $51.30

Skirt from Charlotte Rousse clearance $10.00

+ Shirt from Walmart $5.99

+ Shoes from Walmart $14.99

+ Fake glasses from Spirit Halloween $3.33

+ Black wig from Spirit Halloween $16.99

Jimmy JR costume = $11.50

Shirt from Goodwill $2.75

+ Vest from Goodwill $3.75

+ Jeans from personal closet $0.00

+ Headphones from Five Below $5.00


The inspiration here came from beauty guru Chrisspy. And while I knew I didn't have the skills of a beauty guru, you'd be surprised what following a tutorial and doing a practice run will do.

Couples Costume Price Tag: $22.98

Costume = $11.49/each

Skirt from Goodwill $4.75

+ Pants from Goodwill $4.75

+ Shoes from home (tennis shoes) $0.00

+ Sports bra / white tee from home $0.00

+ Black eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick from home $0.00

+ Hoop earrings from home $0.00

+ Bandanna from Walmart $1.99/each


Couples Costume Price Tag: $113.11

Chucky costume = $52.39

Chucky costume kit from Halloween Spirit (overalls, shirt, wig) $40.00

+ Scars from Halloween Spirit $8.40

+ Liquid Latex (to secure scars on face) $3.99

+ Shoes from home $0.00

Bride of Chucky costume = $60.72

Dress from Target $24.99 (I just used an old white dress from my closet)

+ Leather Jacket from Goodwill $6.75

+ Fishnet stockings from Meijer $3.99

+ Blonde wig from Halloween Spirit $5.00

+ Fake blood from Halloween Spirit $19.99

Happy Halloween!

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