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Our Engagement Story

This past weekend we took our engagement photos, I went wedding dress shopping, and it's all feeling so real! 

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but if you have yet to hear how the engagement actually happened, here we go. 

The most common question I was asked after getting engaged was “Did you see if coming?” And truthfully, after nearly five years of dating it wasn’t a surprise, but that didn’t make it any less special. 

We were headed for a week trip filled with the Bunburry Music Festival, an Air bnb in Louisville, and exploring the Smokey Mountains. The Friday before we left I heard a few "he's definitely going to propose" remarks from friends and coworkers which sparked my curiosity but didn't make me overthink it. - That was until the day before we left for our trip and a wedding photographer in Louisville started following me on Instagram! From there on out when we were getting ready for a day of travel or exploring I would prompt Jorden with the question, "what should I wear today?" expecting him to suggest dressing nice (as a photographer would be jumping out from behind a bush as he popped the question later that day) but instead I received "just wear sweatpants, who cares," to which I gave him the side-eye.

At one point I even asked if I should get a manicure before we headed to our next destination... His response was a prompt no. 

Now we were day six into our eight day vacation and....nothing. No ring, no secret photographer, no fireworks. 

At this point we were enjoying the second night in our cabin in the Smokey Mountains and decided to go for a hike. To our surprise, there was no trail to follow so we ended up scaling the roads for a bit. - I say a bit because it was a hot and steamy day and we didn't last long. On the hike we took our nice camera and tried to capture some of the scenery. Jorden continued to walk around the mountain continuously saying things like "I really wish there was an opening between the trees for a good view." I didn't think much of it. 

From there we decided it was too hot to hike and decided to head back to the cool cabin. That lasted a few minutes before the air conditioned cabin encouraged us to get in the hot tub. I went to put on my suit and came down to Jorden on the back balcony of the cabin sitting in a rocking chair and playing music with an anxious look on his face. He asked me to sit and I did so hesitantly because he was making me so nervous! He immediately got down on one knee, spouted some sweet nothings about spending our life together, and the rest is history. 

The rest of the trip I couldn't take my eyes off of the ring and took too many pictures of my hands. - Despite not getting the manicure I had asked about earlier that week. 

Talk soon! 

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