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Life Update : Where the heck have I been?

My last post (old blog) was December of 2012. TWENTY-FLIPPIN'-TWELVE.

Let's start there. In December of 2012 I was a recent college grad, 22 years young, trying to figure out what the heck to do with my life. At that time I was working two jobs, spending too much money, and going out with my closest friends as often as possible.​

2013 | I moved in to my first post-grad apartment with two of my best buds. Met Rams (all the heart eye emojis). Job title: Full time marketing coordinator, part time waitress.

2014 | Moved to Fox & Hounds Apartment complex, which marked the first time living with a significant other! Became a dog mom to Yogi, and ran my first 5K. ​​

2015 | Moved to a duplex in Merion Village. Went to Nashville for the first time and honky tonked (word?) my heart out. Convinced Jorden to do a couples costume for Halloween and landed on dressing up as Tina & Jimmy JR from Bobs Burgers. My first time dealing with loss: Lost a grandparent, my meemaw.

2016 | Went to Aspen for an amazing work trip. Went to Miami for a freelance job. Lost another grandparent, Grandpa Curt. Officially became a momager (Yogi was featured in 614 Magazine!). Stayed in my first Airbnb (Cleveland). Adopted a pug-french bulldog mix, Maxeene! Spent New Years Eve in Niagara Falls. Attended my first Women in Digital conference; a pivotal moment in my personal growth journey.

2017 | Attended my first Creative Babes event and got all the feels from those creative ladies. Two of my best gal pal’s got married so that meant weddings and all the associated festivities. Spent a weekend in the stomping ground where my parents met (French Quarter in Toledo). Got matching tattoos with my soulmate. Went hiking in Hocking Hills. Channeled my inner fairy at the renaissance festival.

2018 | Joined the Columbus chapter of Women in Digital. Purchased legitimate dinnerware (lookout adulthood!). Moved to the burbs. Hosted a family holiday for the first time. Spent a week exploring Louisville, the Smokey Mountains, the Bunbury Music Festival, and I got engaged!

Full disclosure, I haven't been posting but I have never stopped writing. Getting my thoughts on paper is what keeps me sane. So it’s about time I started sharing with you lovely people again! Stay tuned for more life adventures, random thoughts, and everything in between. Talk soon!

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