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Storyteller, Marketer, Event Planner

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What we love most about Kirsten is her attention to detail and how her digital marketing strategy is derived directly from data and trends that fit well with our business model.


Kirsten is easy to work with and not afraid to bring new ideas to the table.


As a busy small business owner, mom, and wife - I needed someone to take full control of our digital marketing and Kirsten has done just that, now I have peace of mind and can focus on other administrative tasks.

Anique Russell, Co-founder of Too Good Eats 



My passion lies in strategic communications and content marketing - working with small business owners to craft the perfect message, for their most meaningful audience, on the platforms in which the message will flourish. 

Strategic communications & content marketing = where words tell stories and small businesses thrive. 



Delivering an unforgettable experience for your clients or prospects positioning your business for a clear return on investment.


Project scope can range from prepping for your next trade show presence or client appreciation event. 


Content is my driving passion, helping you tell your story is my mission.


Project scope can range from helping you craft your next email correspondence or build out website copy.


Building your monthly content calendar, identifying quarterly marketing goals, and/or crafting your content bank. 

Working closely with you to frame your brand messages and optimize its impact.


Social Media

Getting you on social is just the beginning, let's make sure your voice is heard in the marketplace.

Project scope can range from crafting unique messaging for your next social media campaign to crafting meaningful social media ads.



Project Scope:

Marketing & Content Strategy | Social media content development, design, management


Working directly with the business owner Kirsten worked with Too Good Eats to restructure their brand focus and marketing strategy to expand their audience and market share. Our main goal was expanding the Too Good Eats consumer audience through engaging social media content to drive online sales. 

Coordinated updated photography needs and direction with a new design look, then leveraged Instagram and Facebook for optimal brand exposure, sharing menu and event location updates. 

Check it out.


Project Scope : Website Copy

Working with this young activewear company looking to build out their website with more brand content. 

Gathering intel from the business owners interview style, then transferring that information into copy for an

'Our Story' webpage. 

Check it out.


Website copy, promotional email campaign, social media content and graphic, 

I'm your gal. 

Let's chat.


Project Scope:

Website design | Content development | Social media setup, strategy, content development, management


Working directly with the business owner and design rep, we built a custom site for the friendly brand. Our main goal was making menu items easily accessible to drive online sales. 

Built a social media presence focused on Facebook that has resulted in gained brand exposure, consistently shared menu and location updates, and driven catering sales. 

Check it out.

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